Migrate On-Premise Files Shares to Azure Cloud File Storage

Exciting Article Updates! April 13th, 2020

*Azure News Update: Azure Files AD Integration for SMB access using Active Directory Domain’s managed by customers, is now available in preview.

We have updated our our Azure MyWorkDrive Image in the marketplace to allow it to easily join an existing Windows Active Directory Server that will further simplify the process!   View our complete Setup Article here on how to integrate Azure File Shares with MyWorkDrive.

cloud file storageLooking to migrate Windows File Shares to cloud file storage? You’re not alone!

Businesses of all sizes have been searching for the right mix of technologies that will allow them to migrate their on-premise file shares to cloud file storage.

For small businesses and startups, services like Dropbox, Box, Egnyte and SharePoint are a good alternative. 

For larger businesses, governments, higher education and compliance restricted firms, migrating away from private cloud file storage under their own control requires significant planning. 

Larger companies are concerned about the loss of file ownership, data sovereignty, compliance, ongoing costs and navigating costly and complex migrations.

These businesses are considering migrating their file shares to cloud file storage so that they can outsource the management of servers and infrastructure while still desiring to maintain control of their company files and sidestepping the software vendor lock-in associated with EFSS.

Until now they could meet some of these requirements with costly Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) systems on-premise however they were still stuck managing complex migrations, having new databases to manage and license and re-inventing long term backup and data retention plans.

These businesses have been searching for a simple alternative cloud file storage sharing option that provides the same benefits of traditional mapped drives, fast local speeds and secure file remote access. 

The technologies to enable cloud-based file server file shares are now converging with all the components needed to make this dream a reality! Read more

MyWorkDrive Version 5.4 Webinar

Join our resident experts on Thursday January 23rd at 10 am PST for a webinar where we will preview the latest MyWorkDrive version 5.4 secure file remote access features. Save your spot now for this very popular discussion!

The Webinar has already taken place.  Click here for the Video.

During this webinar we will review

  • MyWorkDrive Web File Manager
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Access Files from Anywhere with Mobile or Mapped Drive
  • How to collaborate and edit online in Office 365 and keep files stored on your own servers.

We will also reviewed the latest 5.4 features and updates:

  • Download speed improvements by 500%
  • MSI Files for easy mapped drive deployment
  • Updated Cloud Web Connector/Reverse Proxy speed improvements
  • Default A+ rating on Qualsys SSL Labs with no manual configuration
  • UI improvements across all clients

The Webinar has already taken place.  Click here for the Video.