MyWorkDrive Awarded Patent for Innovative Secure File Access Relay

MyWorkDrive Awarded US Patent

Secure Remote Access VPN Alternative Start-Up Releases Patented Application

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 18th, 2018 (San Francisco, CA)

Wanpath LLC, the San Francisco based publisher of MyWorkDrive that enables secure file share access with data leak prevention has been awarded U.S. Patent, No. 9,985,930.  MyWorkDrive also released version 5.1 continuing their strident efforts to provide data leak prevention best practices and data governance compliance with new security enhancements perfect for the Government, Healthcare, Financial, and Educational sectors.


The official patent issued is for ‘Reverse Proxy For Accessing Local Network Over the Internet.’  MyWorkDrive software runs in the customer’s own private cloud, connects to Windows Active Directory and enables instant secure file share remote access, online collaboration and editing with O365 while keeping files stored on their existing file shares.  Customers control their own files with no third-party cloud or database migration needed.   Files can be accessed securely using a desktop mapped drive, web file manager browser client, or with a mobile app.  Installation and managing multiple stakeholders in various remote locations is easy with no changes to existing infrastructure.  Regulatory compliance standards including HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, and FIPS are attained while using MyWorkDrive to securely access and edit files for Enterprise agility, efficiency, lower cost of ownership and elimination of the security risks of legacy VPN clients.


CEO Dan Gordon says, “Our new patent for enabling on-premise connectivity without VPN’s is a technology breakthrough for our company and our customers.  Secure file share remote access and the ability to collaborate free from the complexity and security risks of VPN’s from anywhere without migrating data to the cloud is the cornerstone of our success and strategic goal of helping our customers.  This patent has allowed customers to instantly enable file share remote access and online collaboration in Office 365 using MyWorkDrive, which is a major a competitive differentiator for our platform.”


Along with watermarking, Version 5.1 offers download restriction, no clipboard copy, encrypted view mapped drive, file type blocking, open documents online directly from the mapped drive and easy single sign on SAML integration with Azure AD.  Just set it and forget it.  No additional user management needed.


MyWorkDrive is a product and dba of Wanpath LLC, founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, CA.  For Enterprise pricing visit

MyWorkDrive Version 5.1 Released to Production

We are pleased to announce version 5.1 of MyWorkDrive server and Windows client is now available for download.  We are excited to include streamlined Azure AD/Office 365 Single Sign On (SSO) setup options, local document editing from the browser and a major update to our Windows Mapped Drive Client that greatly improves transfer speeds and login time.

MyWorkDrive CEO Dan Gordon says, “We are very excited to see these major improvements in speed and functionality with version 5.1 of MyWorkDrive Server and Windows Client. With these speed and functionality improvements, now more than ever, our customers can eliminate file share VPN costs and security concerns while enabling their users to work from anywhere.”


New Version 5.1 features

Web Browser Client

  • Edit Documents from the browser using Local Office
  • Local Document editing using ADFS/SAML SSO
  • Improved support for ADFS and SAML SSO providers

Mapped Drive

  • Dramatic speed improvement of 500% or more
  • Multi-threaded downloads and customization
  • New command line scripting options
  • Pull company logo on first login and during scripted installs


Numerous enhancements and fixes – Release notes are here.

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*Upgrade note: Existing customers can upgrade for free in place.

Questions? Need a trial extension? Email us at or Phone: 877-705-4997


Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Use MyWorkDrive

Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Use MyWorkDrive

There are 5 big advantages to using MyWorkDrive over just about any other remote access file share methodology that comes to mind including Egnyte and WeTransfer:

1. MyWorkDrive is Easy to Setup and Install

Your user community can be up and running quickly. By enabling and using already existing NTFS permissions, multiple and mobile device management is easy. You won’t be opening any ports in your firewall that you wouldn’t open for any other website with Port 80 and/or Port 443.  You can do a simple setup and have a share active with a group of users able to access it via the web in 15 minutes.  MyWorkDrive lets you share files securely inside and outside your company without wasting time on slow and complicated VPN setups.

2. MyWorkDrive is Easy to Use

No steep learning curve for adopters. You’re not talking people through installing VPN clients or trying to remote into users’ BYOD equipment or sharing permissions that have to be constantly monitored. The allowed user goes to a website and logs in with their domain credentials.  Whether on a mobile device, tablet, a networked desktop computer or laptop, all their files are there ready to work on and easily accessible. Also, with Office Online Edit, editing documents is instant and there is absolutely no syncing required. Instant editing is available whether they have Office installed locally or not.

3. MyWorkDrive Provides Security and Data Leak Prevention

With MyWorkDrive you’re not exposing malware prone ports to your data subsystems.  Your files aren’t being sync’d or shared.  Your files are made available using the same user access rights that the user would have in the office (or even less, as you can adjust in our admin panel – but never more).  You can also configure MyWorkDrive for data leak prevention to limit external access, add watermarks and prevent printing or clipboard access.  When using VPN, think about all the things you would have to do to harden those ports – IP Restrictions, firewall rules, MAC address locking, and more. Access and user management becomes cumbersome and complicated. When you are about to open SMB ports to remote locations there is always the worry about someone innocently plugging into an ethernet jack or connecting to WiFi and bringing a virus/malware onto the entire network. A solution like MyWorkDrive means none of those ports needs to be open/mapped to a remote site.  If a remote site gets compromised, that remote site won’t transfer anything back to the home network.  Yes, it will damage the remote site – but there’s no risk to the home office or other sites because the access simply isn’t there.

     4. Secure SMB File Share Access vs MyWorkDrive’s Web Client

SMB Is slow.  MyWorkDrive’s web client is simpler to use than any SMB or VPN share. SMB Requires port 445 to be open, which is prone to malware including the likes of infamous offenders like Wannacry, Sasser, Nimda, Petya/NotPetya, and more. It’s a constant worry and reoccurring nightmare to think about having ports 137-139 and/or port 445 open to the internet which is why they are always blocked.  MyWorkDrive runs on port 443 – https for easy access from any network in comparison. SMB Is hard to train “open explorer and type \\…” or “open the run command and type.. ” vs “go to and login with your computer username and password”

5.    MyWorkDrive is a VPN Alternative for Secure Remote Access

MyWorkDrive is a fast, secure VPN Alternative. In today’s global workforce and constantly connected user, there is a critical need for secure remote access especially for file editing, sharing, and collaboration. A remote desktop configuration is what is usually needed including vendors like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn that rely on network firewalls and VPN protocols to allow users remote access. Accessing remote desktops or servers this way is clunky, not seamless, and not totally secure. “Cloud VPN” screams public cloud, which means multi-tenant.  By being in a public cloud, you’ve got security and performance risks and neither of which is wanted when you’re dealing with your employees trying to work or your intellectual property and critical digital assets, the company’s crown jewels so to speak. Many companies look at cloud VPN over MyWorkDrive when considering MyWorkDrive, but decision makers need to ask themselves- are the risks justified or cost savings real?  With MyWorkDrive, you’re in a “private cloud.” It’s your physical server which is behind your locked door and your firewall sharing your files to your users.

A cloud VPN typically has some sort of user sync in order to authenticate.  How much do you know and trust the partner you’re handing your credential data too?  With MyWorkDrive there is no separate authentication database. The server authenticates users as they login directly with Active Directory.  Credentials are never sync’d or copied to a location you do not directly control. Connecting that to a public cloud is like taking that server and setting it outside your business on a high traffic street in a storage box you don’t control. You’re giving up a lot of security and trusting the provider to say they’ve built a strong enough door and used a big enough lock. Sure, you may not be a large enough company or in an industry who is regularly targeted by your competitors for industrial espionage but look at all the companies that have been hit by Ransomware.  Malware actors would like nothing more than to compromise your cloud provider’s security and lock you out of your own files.  By joining their public cloud, you’ve made yourself a more appealing target.

With MyWorkDrive, you are not dependent on anyone’s security protocol, procedure, or system but your own.  Furthermore, if you DO have a problem, the software is running on your server.  Stop the service, stop the website, shut off the box.  You’re in control.  You don’t need to login to some cloud service, which is probably going to make killing your account and removing your data hard because they’re incentive is to keep it live (and keep you paying for it).  If you do get your files migrated back to you, then you need to hope that the cloud vendor destroys their copy of your credential library and it will be up to you to reconstruct your file share folders or metadata.

Bottom line – there is nothing like MyWorkDrive on the market and it’s not accurate to compare it to a public cloud service of any kind or a VPN or Sync and Share or other Collaboration provider. MyWorkDrive is superior in performance, reliability and security at a lower overall total cost of ownership.