Opening in Local Office from the Web client

Benefits of Having Remote Access to Your Work Files

Remote access is no longer a company perk it’s a necessity. Remote access means different things to different people. It can refer to telecommuters accessing their company’s server; branch offices that need interaction with systems at company’s main office; or enable mobile employees to upload or download data from a hotel, car, or even a […]

VPN Costs

How to Avoid VPN Security Break-Ins

ContentsMajor VPN FlawImpact for Current VPN Users?MyWorkDrive as a SolutionSecurityLoad BalancingWeb Acceleration (Reverse Proxies) Major VPN Flaw Do you remember Heartbleed? A major security vulnerability affecting hundreds of thousands of websites, Heartbleed was not just another virus – it was a flaw. A mistake allowing hackers to extract massive amounts of information off the VPN […]