Need to open and edit local office files in a a Web Browser using Office Online?

With MyWorkDrive you can. MyWorkDrive allows you to open locally stored files on windows file shares in Office Online without migrating files to SharePoint, OneDrive or other Cloud Storage providers.

MyWorkDrive allows users to edit and co-edit documents in a Office Online browser window, and save their documents back to the companies local file server shares automatically. This allows enterprises to take advantage of more efficient opportunities to collaborate and get work done, from anywhere in the world while saving on costly and complex migrations of file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive. This feature is available to users with Microsoft Office Online Licenses or by using our Only Office integration.

Users simply login to your local MyWorkDrive server using their active directory credentials. Once logged in, local file shares and home drives are made available to them in our Web File Manager Browser Client. Users can double click on any office document and it will automatically open in Office Online in a browser after confirming their Azure AD credentials. Any user can open an office document online in MyWorkDrive for view – no license is required to view documents online. Office Online Editing is available to any users with at least an E1, F1 or Office essentials or higher license.

All Office file edits are saved back to local file servers automatically. MyWorkDrive provides a secure conduit to enable editing by temporarily caching files in each customer’s own SharePoint or OneDrive instances. As documents are edited all changes are saved back to the local file servers and once editing is complete, removed from SharePoint or OneDrive automatically. No files remain stored in the cloud, SharePoint or OneDrive and they remain under the customers’ control at all times. MyWorkDrive is the only file remote access solution that enables enterprises to remotely edit and collaborate on documents within a browser window using Office Online while keeping documents stored on their own file shares.

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