Windows File Server WebDAV & Web File Manager Access from PC, Mac and Mobile

Web File Manager

MyWorkDrive provides a web file manager interface to windows file shares.  The Web File Manager browser client provides access to files and folders when working remotely.  The Web File Manager supports all standard browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Web File Manager provides easy simple access to files with the ability to upload, download and edit files directly in MS Office.   MyWorkDrive is the only service that allows direct editing of files in our Web File Manager and a unique feature where users can open files directly in Office Online while saving back to their local file server.

Access, search, bookmark and manage files and folders directly from the mobile app.  All edits, new files and and permission changes are automatically synced back to the local office server so they can accessed from anywhere.

There are numerous options for accessing files from internal servers remotely.  Unfortunately all other options require complicated VPN’s, uploading your data to the cloud or expensive dedicated web servers and sql databases.   With the MyWorkDrive web file manager it’s easy – the IT administrator simply downloads our cloud access software agent, installs on an existing file server and sets up the existing folder shares to make available to internal users and groups located in Windows Active Directory.   Access is made available through our reverse proxy agent providing secure encrypted file access without requiring the opening of firewall ports or the purchase and installation of SSL certificates.

Enjoy All the Benefits of the Cloud without Giving up Your Data.