Secure Web File Manager

MyWorkDrive provides a web file manager interface to Windows file shares. The Web File Manager browser-based client provides online edit access to files and folders when working remotely over a simple web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The MyWorkDrive web file manager provides the most elegant and user-friendly web interface for Windows file shares in the industry.

With our Web Based File Manager users can easily access their department shares and home drives without a VPN or software installs. This provides for better security since no internal drives or networks are exposed to the user’s remote PC. MyWorkDrive provides the best alternative to FTP, WebDAV, SharePoint, VPNs, or complex Sync/Share systems for accessing files remotely over a browser.

Web File Manager

  • Upload Files & Folders
  • Download files and entire folders to .zip
  • Search for files or folder names
  • Rename, Create Files & Directories
  • Drag and Drop Files or Folders
  • View Office Files and 60+ file types in the browser without downloading
  • Preview graphic files in thumbnail or picture mode
  • Edit Office Files Online and save back to the local server (nothing is stored in the cloud).
  • Cut/Paste, Delete, or Rename
  • Optional Data Leak Prevention
Web File Manager

Edit Documents Online

MyWorkDrive is the only software service that allows users to edit documents online in Office 365 with all changes saved back to the local file shares.

MyWorkDrive as a conduit for Office 365 Online

MyWorkDrive enables enterprises to remotely edit and collaborate on documents within a browser window using Office Online while keeping files stored on their company’s server.

Our service securely connects files for viewing and editing in our Web File Manager to Office Online during online editing and continually saves changes back to the local server. Unlike other solutions that sync files to the cloud or use alternative editors our service interfaces natively with Office 365 online in a browser or from mobile versions of Microsoft Office. Users can share files internally using links (for Office files those links allow co-editing online in Office 365 at the same time with other users) and externally using OneDrive (files are copied to OneDrive and shared externally leaving internal files secured on local shares).

Secure Web File Management

MyWorkDrive allows secure file sharing without migrating files or a VPN client. In just minutes, you can activate a private cloud web file manager client portal for secure file sharing, branded with your company logo, color scheme, and URL. Access to files is based on Active Directory permissions out of the box. Should you wish, additional security features can be easily activated including: Data Loss Prevention and Two Factor Authentication.

Our MyWorkDrive web file sharing server is the only software that exclusively uses Active Directory security based on NTFS permissions. There are no overriding logins, databases, service accounts, or other services that can be leveraged to gain unauthorized access. When a user logs into the Web File Manager portal they only gain access to files and folders as defined in NTFS. Even if an administrator of MyWorkDrive were to attempt to provide access to shares using MyWorkDrive, no additional access could be granted since authentication runs under the users’ security context when they log into the system. MyWorkDrive also integrates with Microsoft Server Access Based Enumeration to provide visibility to files and folders based on NTFS permissions.

With MyWorkDrive users access files in any web browser easily without the security risks of VPNs or migrating to the cloud. Learn More…