We are excited to release Version 6 Mac & Mobile clients. Version 6 Server added major new features including; Granular Permissions on shares, Multiple Domains Support, Teams App Support and External Guest User folder sharing. The version 6 Windows Client remains in preview with a production release date expected in the next 2-4 weeks.

MyWorkDrive Client Version 6 Releases

Teams Integration Client

Now certified by Microsoft and available in the Microsoft Teams Store (version 6 server required)


MacOS Version 6 Client

Bulk Upload

Multi-threaded upload/download

MacOS Notarized Install

Block/Allow List Support

Release notes are here.


Mobile Version 6 Client

Supports DLP Restricted View of files without permitting download

Increased Photo Uploads

iOS 14.2 and new Device Hardware Support


MyWorkDrive Server Updates

Version 6 is a major Server update. Customers are advised to test version 6 server in a separate or standalone environment prior to upgrading as downgrading to prior versions is not supported. Updated Version 6 Server is available for download. All customers are advised to upgrade their MyWorkDrive servers to the final version of or latest updates to version 6 to take advantage of important fixes, improvements and enhancements.

Release notes are here.


Click here to Download MyWorkDrive Server Updates. If you would like assistance planning or executing your MyWorkDrive Server setup, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Questions? Need a trial extension? Contact sales@myworkdrive.com