5 Benefits of the Cloud for File Sharing

Technology is an amazing thing. It continues to grow and develop, simplifying certain tasks and making so many things a whole lot easier. One of the most innovative and beneficial developments in technology is “the cloud”.

Public Cloud computing, commonly referred to as “the cloud” is a type of computing that involves storing, sharing and accessing data, programs, and files over the Internet, as opposed to storing, accessing and sharing data, files, and programs on your hard drive. The cloud has proven to be very beneficial for small business owners and the average Joe alike.

File sharing is something that has really benefited from the cloud. Here’s a look at five of the biggest benefits that the cloud has provided for file sharing.

Reduces Costs

Thanks to the cloud, businesses have been able to cut down their costs. Because files are shared directly over the Internet, there is no need for business owners to purchase expensive equipment and machinery, which would otherwise have to be used to share files. Cost reduction, in any form, is always a big benefit for businesses; the same is true for the average person who is looking to share files with others via their home computer.

Saves Time

Business owners and the average person can save a great deal of time, thanks to sharing files via the cloud. Now, there’s no need to save the files to a device, transport that device and insert that device into a computer in order to access the files. With just a few clicks of a button, files can instantly be shared. Talk about a huge time saver.

Better Accessibility

Thanks to the cloud, files are much easier to share and to access. Essentially, anyone who is using a cloud network can share their files with others who are using the same cloud network. Which means that not only can files be easily shared, but can also easily be accessed by anyone on the same network.

Recovery of Lost Files

If a file is corrupted or lost, there is no need to panic when using the cloud. Cloud computing providers are able to resolve issues with damaged or lost files that have been shared, which not only saves you from panicking, but it also saves a lot of time (just another way that time can be saved by sharing files via the cloud.)

Files can be Accessed Anywhere

You don’t have to be at a specific device to share and receive files; as long as you are on the cloud, you can send and receive files from any location – your phone, your tablet, a desktop in Peru – anywhere!

While there are numerous benefits to using the public cloud for file sharing in larger firms the file sharing security risks and costs can outweigh the benefits.   More..