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Cloud Storage Costs

When cloud computing and storage first hit the scene, it was marketed as a cost-effective solution. One that would save businesses money compared to operating their own data centers. The low upfront costs and pay-as-you-go pricing models made cloud services incredibly attractive, especially for startups and smaller firms. However, as businesses have become more reliant […]

File Sharing for Healthcare Organizations

Advancing Healthcare Data Security Through Integrated Solutions In today’s digital landscape, the healthcare industry faces both opportunities and challenges as it seeks to embrace innovation while safeguarding sensitive patient data. As information sharing becomes more widespread, the importance of robust, integrated security solutions intensifies. Crucial security strategies include implementing a zero-trust architecture, data leak prevention […]

SFTP vs SMB: How Do These Popular Protocols for Remote File Access Compare?

Need to securely access files stored on a remote server or share files between devices on a network? The two main options are SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and SMB (Server Message Block). But what’s the difference between SFTP vs SMB and when should you use each protocol? We’ll look at the performance, speed, security, […]

What is SMB File Sharing? A Comprehensive Guide

    Today we will provide an explanation of SMB (Server Message Block) – the bedrock of seamless file sharing and a linchpin of modern business collaboration. What is SMB? What are its uses and what are its drawbacks?   SMB: Tracing the Evolution SMB’s origins can be traced back to the early 1980s, […]

The Current State of File Sharing: Comparing Public and Private Cloud for Remote Work

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent in a post-COVID world, organizations of all sizes must consider the best file sharing options to ensure compliance and maintain high-security standards. This is particularly crucial for compliance and security-minded sectors such as government, military, and healthcare, which handle sensitive and confidential data. Let’s explore the current state of […]

10 Reasons why SharePoint is not a File Server

Many companies have or are considering migrating Windows File Shares to Office 365. SharePoint Online is included with most subscriptions for free. Often, IT professionals are asked to evaluate moving their company file servers to SharePoint Online. While SharePoint is great for collaborating on documents with teams inside or outside of the company, can it […]

What is Remote Work?

Remote Work Trends With the increase in remote work where people and businesses need to work remotely, how do they do it? Remote employees work either from home or outside of the traditional working environment, such as at an office or on a specific job site. It increases morale and encourages successful completion of tasks […]

What is the future of Remote Work?

What is the future of Remote Work? With light at the end of the tunnel on the Covid Pandemic what does that mean for Remote Work? In our Remote Work article, we reviewed the latest trends and work styles for remote work pre-pandemic. During the Pandemic, remote work has become not only more common but […]