MyWorkDrive Version 5.4 Webinar set for January 23rd, 2020

Join our resident experts on Thursday January 23rd at 10 am PST for a webinar where we will preview the latest MyWorkDrive version 5.4 secure file remote access features. Save your spot now for this very popular discussion!

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During this webinar we will review

  • MyWorkDrive Web File Manager
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Access Files from Anywhere with Mobile or Mapped Drive
  • How to collaborate and edit online in Office 365 and keep files stored on your own servers.

We will also review the latest 5.4 features and updates:

  • Download speed improvements by 500%
  • Search integration with the Mapped Drive client
  • MSI Files for easy mapped drive deployment
  • Updated Cloud Web Connector/Reverse Proxy speed improvements
  • Default A+ rating on Qualsys SSL Labs with no manual configuration
  • UI improvements across all clients

How to join us: Thursday January 23rd, 2020

Start Time: 10:00 AM PST, (1:00 PM EDT, 6:00 PM UTC)