Search File Server Shares with MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive enables customers to integrate search into their file shares using the built in Windows Search Service for small loads or with our integration for enterprises. Using our file share search integration all documents, text files and PDF documents are indexed by name, folder and content. When user’s search in a folder, that context is searched – meaning they can search for files or phrases within a specific folder or set of sub-folders only. Users can go to the search box and quickly find all related information across all shares that are configured on the MyWorkDrive Server. Of course, Windows Search always checks for file permissions, so you only get back results for files that you’re allowed to see. The relevant documents and folder locations are instantly displayed in our MyWorkDrive Web Browser Client.

Windows Search

File Share Search

The Windows Search service is included in Windows Server and can be enabled as a feature. Once this feature is enabled on any file server, the System Administrator simply includes file shares and folders in the index and they are then made available to MyWorkDrive users in our Web File Manager browser client. Windows Search should not be confused with Microsoft Search Server Express, a separate standalone search server product that was released in 2010. Microsoft has not issued an update to Windows Search Server Express 2010 and it is no longer actively supported. MyWorkDrive however can act as a alternative replacement for Windows Search Server file share search with our Windows Search integration for smaller file server shares or by using our dtSearch integration for enterprises. Our support article explains how to enable Windows Search on the MyWorkDrive and internal File Shares up to a maximum of 2 Terabytes.

Enterprise Search

File Server Search

We have partnered with for larger enterprises with storage capacities for file shares exceeding 2 Terabytes. has been engineered specifically with large enterprises in mind – allowing customers to instantly search terabytes of data. Our integration allows companies to plug their MyWorkDrive servers directly into the dtSearch Web with Spider product. dtSearch has been a leader in enterprise search since it’s founding in 1991. Contact sales for details on integrating dtSearch with your MyWorkDrive server at