MyWorkDrive received notice from Cloudflare that Argo Tunnel agents older than 5.5.2020 will no longer be supported as of March 20th. This requires all MWD customers to be running a minimum of MWD Server or higher. Cloudflare is required to Open MyWorkDrive documents in Office online and is also used by customers running under * (Cloud Web Connector).

MyWorkDrive servers running version and lower are impacted by this requirement and will not be able to connect to Cloudflare tunnels until they are upgraded after March 20th.

It is urgent that customers upgrade their MyWorkDrive Servers to a minimum of latest 5.4.3 or 6.0.1 (recommended) ASAP.

Download all versions here. The upgrade only takes a few minutes. It is no longer necessary to restart the MWD Servers when upgrading. The upgrade support guide is available here.


As always, our upgrades are provided without charge to currently licensed clients. If you would like assistance planning or executing your upgrade, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.