MyWorkDrive now available in the Rippling Store

We’re excited to announce that MyWorkDrive is now available on the Rippling App Shop. Rippling is a leading HR management platform that makes it easy to manage your employees’ apps and workflows.

With Rippling and MyWorkDrive, you can provide your team with secure access to important files without complex VPNs or data migration. This integration creates a streamlined experience for your business.

Rippling offers a comprehensive solution to manage HR and IT, including over 700 app integrations. The activity stream gives you real-time visibility into employee app usage.

MyWorkDrive enables remote access to your files wherever they live. Together with Rippling, we can help you simplify employee onboarding, organize HR documents, and keep your workforce connected.

Check out MyWorkDrive today on the Rippling App Shop or in our Rippling SAML support article to experience the benefits of our integrated platforms. We believe this partnership will create more efficient workflows and an improved experience for your business and employees.