Entra ID Licensing Features and MFA Options for MyWorkDrive customers

This article summarizes Entra ID subscription and MFA options for MyWorkDrive customers.

Entra ID License Options

A summary of Entra ID (Azure AD) subscription options which may be relevant to MyWorkDrive customers

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Included with Microsoft cloud subscriptions such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and others.

Authentication, single sign-on and application access
Multifactor authentication and conditional access

The Free license would provide the minimum features required to use MyWorkDrive. You can deploy Entra ID Login for MyWorkDrive and use MFA to protect your user accounts.

P1 License

Microsoft Entra ID P1 (formerly Azure Active Directory P1) is available as a standalone or included with Microsoft 365 E3 for enterprise customers and Microsoft 365 Business Premium for small to medium businesses.

P1 includes the same features as Free, with some additional sub-features

Authentication, single sign-on and application access
also includes

  • Group assignment to applications (makes assigning users to applications easier, if you are not selecting the “assign all” option)
  • Application proxy for on-premises, header-based, and integrated Windows authentication. (Read about deploying App Proxy here)

Multifactor authentication and conditional access
also includes

P2 License

Microsoft Entra ID P2 (formerly Azure Active Directory P2) is available as a standalone or included with Microsoft 365 E5 for enterprise customers.

P1 and P2 Entra ID licenses enable additional features and allow additional flexibility for MyWorkDrive customers users.

P2 offers no additional features over P1 which are commonly used by MyWorkDrive customers.


MFA options with Entra ID Licenses

MFA Options MyWorkDrive customers may choose to deploy for their users.

MyWorkDrive strongly encourages the use of Multifactor Authentication for all user accounts.

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You can use security defaults to prompt users for multifactor authentication as needed but you don’t have granular control of enabled users or scenarios, but it does provide that additional security step.
Even when security defaults aren’t used to enable multifactor authentication for everyone, users assigned the Microsoft Entra Global Administrator role can be configured to use multifactor authentication. This feature of the free tier makes sure the critical administrator accounts are protected by multifactor authentication.

Microsoft 365 Plans

Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication can be enabled for all users using security defaults. Management of Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication is through the Microsoft 365 portal.

P1, P2 Licenses

You can use Microsoft Entra Conditional Access to prompt users for multifactor authentication during certain scenarios or events to fit your business requirements.

The free and Microsoft plans provide sufficient protection, but P1 and P2 licenses offer greater flexibility of options via Conditional Access.

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