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Filr Alternative

MyWorkDrive is a competing solution for Microfocus Filr originally created by Novell. MyWorkDrive is like Filr in function but differs greatly in setup, management and licensing. Like Filr, MyWorkDrive provides enterprises with the ability to enable Web File Management of their existing file shares from anywhere. Unlike Filr, MyWorkDrive is developed in Microsoft .net and integrates out of the box with active directory. Filr requires managing and integrating a Linux based virtual machine. With MyWorkDrive the interface is native Windows with simple integration and management.

MyWorkDrive Novell Filr Competing Solution Business Benefits

  • Better Web File Manager

    – the Filr Web File Manager provides basic upload, download and sharing capabilities. In comparison MyWorkDrive Web File Manager provides editing online in Office 365, Teams, OneDrive integration and a superior elegant modern interface that is easier for users.

  • Better Security

    – MyWorkDrive provides the ability to lock download shares for view and edit only with no downloads for a data loss prevention function. MyWorkDrive also allows administrators to enable SAML or DUO for two factor authentication – Filr requires using their own solution. TLS 1.2 is enabled by default and the MyWorkDrive server can be locked down for compliance with HIPAA, FIPS & GDPR.

  • Easy to setup, Easy to Manage

    – with Filr setup requires hosting and management of a Linux virtual machine that may not be part of an enterprises regular patch process. Filr also requires navigating numerous control panel items and reverse proxies to make the service available to users. MyWorkDrive is 100% Windows based making it easy to setup with a simple wizard and it’s easy to manage, patch and integrate. SSL Certificate and bindings are managed using IIS Manager which IT staff already know how to support. No LDAP setup is required with MyWorkDrive – Active Directory is integrated by default.

  • No Databases

    – Filr installs a SQL database and stores files and shared items in it’s database. This means IT must backup and manage an SQL database. With MyWorkDrive all storage is located on the existing NTFS Windows File Shares – meaning nothing new to backup or integrate. MyWorkDrive configuration can back backed up with 1 simple file.

  • IIS vs LAMP Stack

    MyWorkDrive uses native IIS and .Net for all server communications. With Filr, the application runs within the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). In addition to being difficult to manage and unfamiliar to Windows System Administrators, the LAMP stack is complicated to patch and secure with standard Windows tools.

  • Mobile Office Document Editing

    – Only MyWorkDrive has the ability to edit documents in native Microsoft Office Online Apps for iOS mobile stored on Local File Shares. Filr does not.

  • Support

    – MyWorkDrive is supported and backed by its co-founders – with 20 years of US based technical support. We don’t outsource our support and pride ourselves on providing the best support in the industry.

With MyWorkDrive IT departments simply setup MyWorkDrive Windows server software, point to existing Windows file shares and in minutes cloud functionality is made available to users including:

  • Web File Manager browser access to file shares
  • Office Online document editing ( with files stored on the local file servers )
  • Mapped Drive from Anywhere without VPN
  • Public and Private file sharing
  • Two Factor Security (2FA)
  • Single Sign On
  • Mobile Access

Traditional Windows File Sharing at gigabit speed continues to be available in parallel to MyWorkDrive. Users simply leverage file sharing using traditional methods on the local area network and use MyWorkDrive when cloud functionality or remote access is needed. For IT Departments, No SQL databases need to be maintained or licensed making file backup and restoration simple – NTFS based file shares remain in place.

Sharing and collaborating on files to users outside of the company is essential to a productive workforce. With MyWorkDrive internal files can be made public effortlessly with our OneDrive integration. By leveraging our OneDrive integration businesses can protect sensitive data by transferring public files as needed to OneDrive without opening up internal systems to outside parties or enabling insecure file sharing links that can expose company servers to data breaches. If desired, External Users can be invited to collaborate on file share folder using our Guest User Folder Sharing option.

With MyWorkDrive businesses of all types are able to add cloud capabilities to Windows file shares while protecting and controlling their data to future proof their file sharing infrastructure investments at a fraction the cost of Filr.