CentreStack Sync & Share Alternative

Secure Alternative to traditional Sync & Share Solution CentreStack

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Benefits of MyWorkDrive

Unlike CentreStack, MyWorkDrive integrates exclusively and natively into an existing Windows File Share infrastructure. MyWorkDrive is built from the ground up to integrate exclusively with Windows Active Directory and NTFS File Shares with no changes to work processes or traditional mapped drives clients. With MyWorkDrive, enterprises can simply and easily provide secure remote file access to their users in minutes without migrating data or compromising security, without WebDAV or vendor lock-in.

No databases

Unlike Centrestack, MyWorkDrive exclusively uses existing active directory users, group and NTFS permissions to provision users. With MyWorkDrive no files or users passwords are stored in any databases, nor are any additional administration of users, database backup software licenses or management needed when integrating MyWorkDrive. With MyWorkDrive all files remain stored on customer’s file shares and may be encrypted locally using native Windows Encryption – files are never moved to a database outside of managements control.


MyWorkDrive exclusively uses built-in Windows NTFS and Access Based enumeration security for Windows shares that run under the user’s login context, as such no login information or access to files are ever stored in a database or used by MyWorkDrive. While Centrestack can connect to Windows File shares, CentreStack hosts files in a database and for file sharing and user access may utilize service accounts with root permissions to shares to provide the ability to search files across network shares.

MyWorkDrive is certified by the NIST as FIPS Compliant and by Microsoft as a certified Cloud Storage Provider and Microsoft Server certifications. With MyWorkDrive all clients work with ADFS or SAML for single sign on including pre-built integrations for ADFS,Azure AD, OKTA and OneLogin. Since our client apps do not utilize WebDAV, companies may disable WebDAV support completely and only support WebDAV connections as needed – depending on business and security requirements.

Data Leak Prevention

Prevent data theft, loss of company data and ensure compliance while still allowing viewing and editing of files and shares online. All user file sharing access is secure, logged and searchable with watermarking and time stamps. File shares can be locked down to prevent clipboard copying or printing within our encrypted viewer. Administrators can configure MyWorkDrive to provide alerts on suspicious user activity. Learn more..

Network Share file locking

With our native file locking integration, users can continue to use traditional mapped drive clients and files are properly locked alongside our Web, Mobile, or Desktop clients. With CentreStack, all user’s must be migrated to CentreStack only clients to properly lock and interact with network shares alongside other users – traditional drive mapping are not supported alongside of CentreStack. Only MyWorkDrive provides multiple native drive letters by share that mimics in-house file mapping eliminating user training and confusion.

Mobile Office Document Editing

Only MyWorkDrive has the ability to edit and co-edit documents in native Office Apps for iOS mobile stored on Local File Shares as a Microsoft Certified Cloud Storage provider. While Centrestack does have some Office Online editing capabilities, it is not certified by Microsoft, files are not edited in real time ( they are synced) and editing is only supported in their web client. With MyWorkDrive office files are edited in real time and can be accessed in mobile, mobile office apps and web or using any App with our iOS files provider integration.

Reduced Administration

CentreStack imports Active Directory users and groups into a database and requires manual management of license keys. With MyWorkDrive, Active Directory is native and licenses are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned as users drop off after 30 days greatly reducing licensing and management fees.

Better Web Browser Client

With MyWorkDrive users view and edit files in our beautiful file explorer style interface, greatly reducing training and support costs.

Mapped Drive Client

With MyWorkDrive, administrators can deploy multiple drive letters for each share to Windows Clients mirroring settings used in-house. Our Mapped Drive client supports DUO, Azure AD and SAML authentication and can scripted to install in minutes with standard settings for all users. For customer’s without local office licenses, users can open, view and edit Office files in the browser directly from the mapped drive all without VPN over standard https channels.

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