MyWorkDrive 6.4 Preview Webinar Recording

On Thursday March 16th, 2023, we will demonstrated new features and enhancements in MyWorkDrive version 6.4 currently in preview. View the recording using the link below.

Features Covered:

OneDrive/SharePoint Storage

SharePoint and OneDrive are collaboration and document management platforms by Microsoft which can now be integrated with MyWorkDrive for file access and storage services. By enabling OneDrive and SharePoint Storage in MyWorkDrive, customers can now access OneDrive and SharePoint files side by side with standard SMB File Shares. OneDrive/SharePoint File Share Access allows MyWorkDrive Servers to connect to OneDrive and SharePoint Sites and make them available to clients via the MyWorkDrive Web Browser, Desktop as a Mapped Drive and Mobile Clients. In addition to accessing, saving and updating files, OneDrive/SharePoint in MyWorkDrive supports external public file sharing.

Public Sharing

Starting with version 6.4, MyWorkDrive includes a new feature titled Public Sharing, which permits users to share files and folders with 3rd party (non MyWorkDrive) users via a URL. A MyWorkDrive user account is not required to access Public Share Links. Administrators can control what shares and users are permitted to use public sharing through our granular permission system. Additional administrator restrictions on public links include download permissions, password requirements and expiration requirements. Administrators also have access to public share links users have created, with the ability to change/delete them as required. Public Share links are able to be created from the Web, Windows and macOS clients, with a public link management tool for users included in the Web client.

New Consolidated Integrations Tab
We moved all 3rd party integrations to their own tab in the Server Admin Panel called Integrations. This simplifies and enhances support and availability of 3rd party services and storage providers.