July MyWorkDrive Newsletter 2022

Cloud File Storage

With the shift to hybrid work schedules, we are seeing a lot of customers looking to migrate file shares to cloud based storage. Unfortunately cloud storage providers have one goal in mind – to lock the customer into proprietary file systems – you can check files in but checking them out is a complex and costly endeavor. Unlike standards-based internet protocols; Cloud File Storage is proprietary and has no open database standard.

MyWorkDrive was founded around the core value that organizations should have the option to retain ownership and control of their files, whether they are stored online or locally, in standard NTFS file formats. We believe organizations should not be forced to migrate, convert or store them in proprietary cloud storage file formats requiring vendor lock-in just to experience the benefits of secure online collaboration and file sharing.

While Small Business might be just fine with Cloud Storage/Sync N Share vendors, Larger Enterprises, Governments, Education and Health Care providers are rightfully concerned about security, data sovereignty and vendor lock-in.

MyWorkDrive’s secure remote access to cloud file storage utilizes standards-based SMB file shares for its storage. This is made possible by our server software, which provides a secure tunnel for access to local and cloud storage remotely and in Office Online while continuously saving any changes back to the customers own new or existing file shares. Customers can store files on any SMB File Share including our vendor partners – Azure File Shares, AWS FSX, MorroData, NetApp or Nasuni – while retaining control and flexibility.

Coming soon in version 6.3

The team at MyWorkDrive is working hard to complete our latest new features and updates. We expect version 6.3 to be release to preview by mid-July. Features include:

Native file system driver for the macOS Client

We are working on comprehensive rewrite of the macOS mapped drive client that utilizes macOS file provider instead of the 3rd party Fuse file system driver. File provider installation will remove the requirement for Fuse and the need to use recovery mode during setup on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) based macs.

Health Dashboard

Our new health dashboard will provide feedback on critical services, memory and server readiness with repair recommendations and automated fix tools.

Delegated Guest User Sharing

With this enhancement we will provide the ability to delegate management and creation of external guest user invitations on guest shares from the Web Browser Client to non-it staff.

Publishing Logs to Syslog servers

Our log files have always been published to be machine readable, and many clients have used log aggregators to pull the logfiles into their SEIM, but with 6.3 we’re making it easier by publishing the logs using standard protocols via TCP or UDP.

Clustering of Office Locks

Enterprises running MyWorkDrive in clusters will have the option of allowing coediting of Office files across multiple MyWorkDrive Servers.

Sessions Management

Enhanced management of user sessions with reporting and termination options.