Egnyte Alternative


With MyWorkDrive, enterprises can simply and easily provide secure remote file access to their users in minutes without migrating files or managing complex infrastructure. Unlike Egnyte, MyWorkDrive integrates exclusively and natively into an existing Windows File Share infrastructure. MyWorkDrive is built from the ground up to integrate exclusively with Windows Active Directory and NTFS File Shares with no changes to work processes or traditional mapped drives clients.

MyWorkDrive gives your enterprise secure file share access without VPN using your Windows File Shares & Active Directory infrastructure. Remotely edit and share files simply and securely. No Vendor lock-in, No syncing or migrating to a cloud needed. MyWorkDrive is used by Enterprises, Government and Education with 5 start reviews Worldwide.

Web File Manager alternative to Egnyte

Access your file shares remotely using any web browser with our Web File Manager. Our Web File Manager is the most elegant and user friendly in the industry loaded with the features users need with nothing to install.

Mapped Drive vs Egnyte Sync Client

Connect to your files remotely using our MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client which allows users to securely map a drive to their work files from anywhere without Sync or VPN. Optionally enable our Two Factor Authentication and SAML/SSO for additional security and compliance.

No migration to Egnyte

Unlike Egnyte, MyWorkDrive works side by side with Windows File Shares in place – at no time are any files stored on the MyWorkDrive servers. Enterprises can deploy MyWorkDrive without fears files being stored in proprietary databases or cloud storage providers.

No databases

Unlike Egnyte, MyWorkDrive exclusively uses existing active directory users, group and NTFS permissions to provision users. No files are stored in any databases, Moved to the Cloud, nor are any additional administration of users, database backup software licenses or management needed when integrating MyWorkDrive.

Network Share file locking

With our native file locking integration, users can continue to use traditional mapped drive clients and files are properly locked alongside our Web, Mobile, or Desktop clients. With Egnyte, clients must be migrated to Egnyte only clients to properly lock and interact with network shares alongside other users.

Mobile Office Document Editing

Only MyWorkDrive has the ability to edit documents in native Office Apps for iOS mobile stored on Local File Shares.

Reduced Administration

Egnyte imports Active Directory users and groups into a database and requires manual management of license keys. With MyWorkDrive, Active Directory is native and licenses are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned as users drop off after 30 days.

Better Web Browser Client

With MyWorkDrive users view and edit files in our beautiful Windows file explorer style interface, greatly reducing training and support costs.


MyWorkDrive exclusively uses built-in Windows NTFS and Access Based enumeration security for Windows shares that run under the user’s login context, as such no login information or access to files are ever stored in a database or used by MyWorkDrive.

Egnyte Alternative

Administrator of organizations using Egnyte to access file shares remotely, should strongly check out MyWorkDrive as a viable alternative. MyWorkDrive is known as a VPN alternative where you can cloudify the existing file shares located in your own data center, grant users remote access permissions and manage multiple devices easily utilizing existing NTFS permissions and an enterprise’s current IT infrastructure with your existing windows active directory.

MyWorkDrive allows secure file remote access without VPN, syncing, or migrating to the cloud or new systems. Your files, your data, and your data center become your own private cloud instantly allowing users to remotely edit and share files simply and securely side by side with your existing mapped drive users without migrating files or storing them in the cloud. With MyWorkDrive you can can take advantage of our advanced features including encrypted view, data leak prevention, duo authentication, and more. With MyWorkDrive support costs are dramatically lower than Egnyte products – Users simply access files using our Mapped Network Drive Client or Web File Manager Client with no training needed!