MyWorkDrive Compliance

FINRA, HIPAA and EU GDPR Compliance with MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive provides the necessary safeguards to help companies meet their security requirements and compliance standards such as FINRA, HIPAA and the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR.  MyWorkDrive enables organizations to add the tools necessary to comply with  compliance standards on their own Windows file server infrastructure while still providing users with an enterprise file collaboration and remote access solution under their corporate control.

Download our whitepaper for additional details on how MyWorkDrive enables organizations to implement controls that meet the HIPAA compliance standards for file share access.

hipaa compliance


Using MyWorkDrive, organizations can provide secure access to their employees. MyWorkDrive supports the complex username/password requirements built into Active Directory as well as DUO two-factor authentication.  All data exchanged transmitted is encrypted using SSL, a standard security technology for encrypting data transmission.  MyWorkDrive ensures data is fully encrypted using advanced AES 256 encryption with TLS 1.2 during transmission.  In addition, MyWorkDrive fully supports accessing files encrypted with Windows Server file encryption (Encryption at rest).

With native support for NTFS and Access Based Enumeration no login information or access to files is ever stored or used by MyWorkDrive.  All file access is granted in the context of the currently logged on user only.  As an additional security precaution we have designed MyWorkDrive so that it is not possible to grant more privileges to shares in MyWorkDrive than are already provisioned in Windows under NTFS – we inherit existing permissions providing for least privilege access.

Data Retention and Archiving

MyWorkDrive allows customers to enable cloud access to files with existing data retention and archiving policies.   Since no data is ever changed or stored by MyWorkDrive, existing backup software, archiving and data retention procedures may be maintained or customized to meet the needs of the business.  With the entire suite of Windows server features still available, MyWorkDrive can be configured to meet the needs of organizations of any size.  Should the customer ever need to restore data, retrieval is simple since it remains in NTFS format.  Typical Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) products require backing up complicated SQL databases and restoring entire virtual machines – sometimes many years later.  With MyWorkDrive customers need only restore the original NTFS bases file system.

Logging and Reporting

All access, modifications, deletions and user activity is logged.  Any file changes are logged with an audit trail and information about who changed the file and when (Date and Time) it was changed.  Audit logs can be searched based on keywords or exported as needed for additional discovery and reporting.

Data Loss Prevention

MyWorkDrive helps organizations prevent file records from accidental deletion. If a user deletes any sensitive files, this information is logged.  Since MyWorkDrive ties into Windows Server shadow copies, previous versions or deleted files can be restored easily.   MyWorkDrive administrators can also enable our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature which allows users to only edit or view,  but not download or delete files at the share, user or global system level.


MyWorkDrive’s integration with Windows Search (all versions) and dtSearch (enterprise) enables users to search for files by name or content within the files.   Only files the user has permissions to are returned in any search results.  All access controls are maintained and presented to the user.

Access Based Enumeration

MyWorkDrive integrates with Windows Server Access Based File Enumeration feature.   Users only see folders for files for which they have Active Directory permissions.  This ensures that users only see files they have permissions to on the Windows file shares and overrides any folder shares made available to them in MyWorkDrive for least privilege access.   This feature is enabled by default in MyWorkDrive and does not require manual or duplicate permissions management by the systems administrator.

Robust Remote Access

MyWorkDrive provides multiple options for secure remote access.  Our browser based web interface provides the most elegant and functional user experience in the industry without requiring syncing of documents to local PC’s and enables users to edit documents online in Office 365 without moving them to the cloud (MyWorkDrive is the only software vendor that provides this option).    In addition, MyWorkDrive provides our mapped drive and mobile clients that enhance and improve end user productivity for anywhere file access without the security concerns and management of VPN’s.