MyWorkDrive 4.0 Released!

We are very excited to announce the release of MyWorkDrive version 4.0! Loaded with new features and updates including iOS Mobile Office direct document editing in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for files stored on your own servers.

MyWorkDrive already allows Office 365 business users to open, edit and save changes to remote Office files accessed through MyWorkDrive using a web browser. Now your users can directly edit documents stored on your servers in real time from iOS devices without downloading or syncing.

Watch the 1 minute video now to see our new Office integration on iOS devices


The release of MyWorkDrive version 4.0 brings numerous new features and improvements including:

Web Client

  • Share file externally as an email attachment with Outlook Online
  • Visio Files can now be viewed in Office Online

Admin Panel

  • Modernized and simplified Server Admin Panel
  • Import Existing Users & Groups when creating shares
  • Optional domain name lookup for mobile office user authentication
  • Additional branding for colors and backgrounds
  • Support for using Username variables when defining shares
  • Log search updated and now allows export to csv
  • Email Attachment size limits – default 10 MB
  • Option to disable public sharing on/off even if download is allowed
  • Share Name creation in MyWorkDrive updated to only allow Alpha or Numeric characters
  • Updated to support FIPS compliant algorithms
  • DUO Settings verified on save settings bug fixes
  • Full Server release notes are here.

Windows Mapped Drive Client

  • Update cache to fix open recent file issue – if file/directory information isn’t available in cache then application pulls it from MWD server and updates cache
  • Update to force Microsoft Office to show message that file is locked for editing by another user (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Download and full release notes are here.

Mac Mapped Drive Client

  • Mac Mapped Drive Client Version 1 is available for download here.

Now you really can run your company from your phone. Securely. From anywhere!Save

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