Access files from anywhere with the Speed and Security of Traditional File Servers

Files Anywhere

MyWorkDrive and Files Anywhere

Having remote access to your computer or files from anywhere means you never have to worry again about forgetting an important file. You can travel lightly and do business from just about anywhere you have an Internet connection. MyWorkDrive allows companies to collaborate, access and share files stored on Windows file shares, OneDrive or SharePoint from anywhere with a better, simpler, and more secure user interface than VPN or sync clients.

In the past, administrators were forced to choose between insecure VPN software or clunky file sync solutions when providing remote access to files. With MyWorkDrive IT Administrators get the best of both worlds: Local file share access speeds, IT control and the benefit of cloud style Files Anywhere access.

How it WorksFiles Anywhere

MyWorkDrive works by allowing users access files from anywhere using their own Web Based File Manager portal, Mapped Drive or Mobile clients. IT simply installs MyWorkDrive on an existing or new Windows Server. A Microsoft website is added as part of the setup that the administrator simply points to the file shares they would like users to access remotely. Existing Active Directory Permissions, Groups and Users and integrated directly with our native .net application.

Internal file shares are instantly available over an HTTPS cloud friendly Web File Manager Portal, Mapped Drive or Mobile clients for accessing files anywhere, anytime. No need to migrate data to the cloud or a sync and share system and re-invent backups, user administration or security permissions. Simply enable MyWorkDrive’s files anywhere portal for instant, secure files anywhere access.

A unique feature of MyWorkDrive is its tight integration into Active Directory and NTFS Permissions: By default when users login all access to files and shares are performed under their security context. This provides for an incredibly secure way for users to access Files Anywhere. There are no overriding administrative users/permissions, databases or service accounts with MyWorkDrive.

Business Benefits of MyWorkDrive

From an IT administrator’s standpoint, the solution is a “No Brainer” providing the following business benefits.

  • Improved Security
    • Two Factor Authentication, Data Loss Prevention and precision access to remote files. Since users have full cloud capabilities “shadow IT” is eliminated and compliance with HIPAA, FINRA and GDPR is easily maintained.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    • No need to support syncing or VPN clients – Users are provided a simple web address for easy access to their work files where they can edit and share them online, utilizing our mapped drive or mobile clients.
  • Online Collaboration in Office 365
    • Online collaboration in Office 365 without moving files to the cloud (MyWorkDrive is the only service that provides the option to remotely edit files but save back to windows file shares from any Office 365 subscription).
  • No Migration or Vendor Lock-in
    • Leverage existing investments in infrastructure and Office 365 without migrating files to cloud storage.
  • Increased Speed and Availability
    • On-Premise Speed and Availability with Files Anywhere Access

Take Your Files Anywhere with MyWorkDrive

With MyWorkDrive Access and secure file sharing from any device: Use your phone, tablet, or computer to continue what you started — wherever you happen to be. Any changes you make will be updated on all your devices. If something happens to your device there is nothing to lose since all your files are saved back to your company server automatically allowing you to access files anywhere. Take Your Files Anywhere with MyWorkDrive: Work with Your company Files using your MyWorkDrive desktop mapped drive, a web browser or mobile apps. MyWorkDrive is an incredibly simple way to access all of your server file shares – using any device while taking up no hard drive space.

Online file storage for enterprises is increasing by 50% or more making sync and share solutions obsolete since syncing many terabytes of data to multiple user’s PC places an extreme burden on IT Staff, Systems and the corporate network. With MyWorkDrive Files can be accessed anywhere without Sync alongside traditional local access. Instead of added servers and the IT personnel to manage them, a MyWorkDrive private cloud server enhances existing access with online features and instant elasticity. Our Enterprise solution is secure, completely customizable, brandable and scalable.

MyWorkDrive was designed and engineered by San Francisco based engineers with over 25 years of real-world Windows File Server systems administration experience.