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For over 10 years MyWorkDrive has remained the premier Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) file share access solution, providing organizations with secure remote access to their files from any device, anywhere. Developed by the founders of Intivix – anIT support andconsulting firm established in 1996 in San Francisco – MyWorkDrive was founded in 2014 to address the frequent client requests for a simple, fast, and secure remote file access solution.

MyWorkDrive was founded on the core principle that organizations should be empowered to maintain ownership and control of their data, whether stored online or locally, without being forced to rely on proprietary cloud storage providers. This approach enables businesses to experience the benefits of secure online access and collaboration without migrating, converting, or storing their files in systems outside of their control.

MyWorkDrive’s software-only solution enables seamless remote file access from any device, granting users immediate access without the need for syncing, VPNs, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), or data migration. Designed with IT leaders in mind, MyWorkDrive offers a cloud-like file sharing solution that prioritizes ransomware protection, data loss prevention (DLP), and facilitates data governance compliance.

By enhancing Office Online real-time editing and collaboration capabilities while delivering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), MyWorkDrive empowers organizations to securely access their file shares remotely without the need for VPNs, external data storage, or syncing files to remote computers.

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MyWorkDrive’s approach to enterprise-level file sharing revolves around providing secure private cloud access. It enables organizations to access company files from any location using a web file manager, mapped drive, or mobile app, eliminating the need for virtual private networks (VPNs), data syncing, or storing data on public clouds.

Leveraging the existing Windows File Server and Active Directory infrastructure, MyWorkDrive ensures data independence and reduces the need for vendor engagement. The solution incorporates robust security measures that address various compliance standards, such as FIPS, FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR, while preventing data breaches and cyber threats through built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) features.

MyWorkDrive’s software empowers organizations to edit and collaborate on documents remotely through a browser window or Office Mobile apps on iOS or Android, while keeping files securely stored on the company’s server. This eliminates the need to migrate files to the cloud or adopt new systems, as enterprises can simply install the MyWorkDrive portal software on a domain-joined Windows Server and point it to their existing network file shares.

With MyWorkDrive, organizations can share files externally with public links or edit them in Office Online while maintaining complete control over their data storage, whether on-premises or in the cloud with Azure and AWS support. Our solution also offers advanced security features like Two-Factor Authentication, Device Approval, and DLP to secure sensitive data further.

By leveraging MyWorkDrive, enterprises can provide secure remote access to file shares without the need for VPNs or data migration. Users can access shares from any web browser, mapped drive, or mobile device on a PC or Mac, with comprehensive device management and data leak protection capabilities. Additionally, MyWorkDrive’s integration with identity providers like Azure AD/Entra, Okta, and OneLogin enables Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities with the added security of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

We at MyWorkDrive are proud to advocate the Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) movement and empower organizations to retain full ownership and control over their data storage. MyWorkDrive enables businesses to leverage their existing on-premises or cloud storage infrastructure, such as SMB file servers, NAS devices, or Azure cloud storage. By embracing the BYOS philosophy, MyWorkDrive liberates organizations from vendor lock-in, providing a flexible and secure way to access and share files remotely without sacrificing data sovereignty or incurring costly data egress fees. It is MyWorkDrive’s core mission to promote data independence and offer a cost-effective, compliant, and future-proof solution for enterprise file sharing and collaboration.

Meet the Founders

Dan Gordon

Dan Gordon


Dan is Co-Founder and CEO of MyWorkDrive.com. Dan has worked with in various technology management roles serving enterprise clients as a co-founder at Intivix.com IT Consulting Firm in San Francisco since 1996 and within the University of California system. Dan is an expert in IT strategy, Security, Network Architecture, and Project management. His specialties include Business Product Development, Security, Microsoft Infrastructure, Azure implementation and secure Hybrid Cloud Network design for enterprises. With 30 years of IT experience and as a co-founder of Intivix.com, Dan is technically certified in numerous technologies including; Microsoft (MCSE), SonicWall, and Qualys security. He has recently spoken at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference on strategies for moving to the cloud and within the University of California system.

Rob Schenk

Rob Schenk


Rob is responsible for strategy, account management and operational leadership. Rob was previously responsible for analyzing, evaluating and ranking various technologies and devices for computing magazines such as Computer Shopper, MacUser, PC Computing, and Windows Sources. Rob is an expert in IT strategy, network architecture, design and implementation including all aspects of hardware infrastructure and network applications. As co-founder of Intivix.com, Rob’s specialties include Microsoft Windows Server technologies, network security, OS X and Linux systems integration, and mobile device management . Rob is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Clinical Psychology. He is technically certified in Microsoft (MCSE), Altiris, SonicWall and Qualys technologies.