MyWorkDrive Version 6.2 with Device Approval Released to Production

Introducing Device Approval and Management for MyWorkDrive Clients

We are excited to announce the Production Release of MyWorkDrive Server 6.2 and our new Device Approval for our MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive and Mobile clients. With this production release, administrator’s can control what devices are allowed to connect to MyWorkDrive Servers.

This feature prevents unapproved devices from connecting to file shares remotely that have not been approved by the network administrator.

  • Prevent unapproved devices from connecting to MyWorkDrive Server
  • View usage, last login and operating system details for all clients
  • Exempt specific users or groups from device approval

Check out our video on this ground breaking feature available only from MyWorkDrive!

New Features

MyWorkDrive Server & Web Client

  • Addition of Swedish, Dutch & Portuguese language translations to the Web Client
  • Upload Speed Enhancements
  • Updated Cloudflare Tunneling
  • Active Directory security group lookup enhancements during login
  • Share Test Tool Enhancements for Trusts, Delegation, Group membership
  • Improved data collection in Diagnostics for IIS and disk performance
  • New Microsoft Tenant id lookup tool for Office Online configuration
  • Added retention of public/private preference on Web Client
  • Web Client updates related to security audit best practices
  • Windows Server 2022 Support

Windows Client

  • .NET version update to 4.6
  • DLP Mapped Drive Installer Options
  • Improved content type header to reduce WAF false positives
  • Speed improvements in file saving, particularly in high volume environments

MacOS client

  • DLP Mapped Drive Installer Options

Mobile App
Added ability to create new office documents in App without Office installed (improves integration with Office Online)

Numerous other enhancements and fixes – Release notes are here.

Server Version 6.2 is a major update. Customers are advised to test version 6.2 Production upgrades in a separate or standalone environment. Contact if you need additional trial keys or existing license key activations for test environments. The preview release requires a login or trial account to download. Click the link below to get started.

6.2 Production Server Download

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