Januari MyWorkDrive Nieuwsbrief 2023

MyWorkDrive 2022 Year in Review and 2023 Road Map

2022 was a great year for MyWorkDrive. We were honored to add numerous customers across all sectors including highly renowned Educational institutions, Governments and Enterprise businesses. This has enabled us to expand our team and continue to invest in new features and security technologies for use by our customers. Some of the major highlights in for 2022 include:

MyWorkDrive Server & Web Client

  • Device Approval for Mobile and Mapped Drive Clients
  • Server Health Dashboard
  • Gedelegeerd delen door gastgebruikers
  • Publishing Logs to Syslog server
  • Clustering van kantoorsloten
  • Sessiebeheer

Windows & MacOS Clients

  • Performance Improvements to directory browsing and file opening/saving.
  • Snelheidsverbeteringen bij het opslaan van bestanden, met name in omgevingen met een hoog volume
  • Opties voor DLP Mapped Drive-installatieprogramma
  • Native bestandssysteemstuurprogramma voor de macOS Client

MyWorkDrive 2023 Roadmap

Kijk binnenkort uit naar de volgende nieuwe belangrijke functies in preview:

  • Extern openbaar delen van links
  • Montage van OneDrive-opslagstation
  • SharePoint Site Drive-montage

Watch a preview of these new features highlighted in our recent webinar here.

MyWorkDrive was founded around the core value that organizations should have the option to retain ownership and control of their files, whether they are stored online or locally and should not be forced to migrate, convert, or store them in proprietary cloud storage providers requiring vendor lock-in just to experience the benefits of secure online access or collaboration.

Further to that core value, look forward to additional cloud storage options starting with Azure blob storage and Azure file shares. Expanding on that, look forward to alternative authentication options starting with Azure AD (no Active Directory needed).

MyWorkDrive 6.3 Webinar and Demo

We recently demonstrated new features and enhancements in MyWorkDrive version 6.3 and a preview of features currently under development in 6.4.

  • Extern openbaar delen van links
  • Montage van OneDrive-opslagstation
  • SharePoint Site Drive-montage

View the Webinar using this link:

Webinar Video