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December MyWorkDrive Newsletter 2022

Secure your file sharing over HTTPS In the wake of ransomware attacks and other threats, businesses, governments and schools are under the constant threat. Legacy remote access mechanisms such as VPN are no longer sufficient to protect files from encryption, theft, data leaks and ransomware. Unfortunately, migrating files to cloud services as alternative has not […]

Join MyWorkDrive at The Western Australian Technical Support in Schools Association (WATSSA)

We are excited to be a sponsor of the The West Australian Technical Support in Schools Association (WATSSA) ICT in Education Conference being held on November 23rd and 24th. This event will consist of Technical, ICT Leadership discussions and will feature software solution sponsors. MyWorkDrive will be presenting our solution along with other presenters […]

Join MyWorkDrive at Bay Area Government Digital Summit

We are excited to be a sponsor of the Bay Area Government Digital Summit by Govtech on Aug 25, 2022. Join our team in person at this important event on Government Technology’s passion in promoting best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector – more important than ever in challenging times like these. We […]

August MyWorkDrive Newsletter 2022

With Summer shifting into August vacations, it’s a great time to review Software and Server upgrades and take a look at some of the training videos that we have may have been putting off. We assembled resources that we hope you find valuable as you prepare for the busy fall season and that you can […]

July MyWorkDrive Newsletter 2022

Cloud File Storage With the shift to hybrid work schedules, we are seeing a lot of customers looking to migrate file shares to cloud based storage. Unfortunately cloud storage providers have one goal in mind – to lock the customer into proprietary file systems – you can check files in but checking them out is a complex and costly endeavor. Unlike […]

June MyWorkDrive Newsletter 2022

Secure File Share Remote Access With the shift to full time “Work from home” strategies leading employees to work from home, public coffee shops and insecure tourist destinations, the need for secure mapped network drive access to Windows File Shares has increased ten fold. Where IT used to provide remote access as a convenience to […]

MyWorkDrive y Morro Data: NAS en la nube y en las instalaciones

MyWorkDrive y Morro Data anuncian que colaborarán para brindar a las empresas las soluciones NAS en la nube más completas para el lugar de trabajo híbrido. Los usuarios en cualquier lugar ahora pueden acceder de forma segura al sistema de archivos completo a una velocidad de hasta Gigabit. Con MyWorkDrive & Morro Data, es fácil migrar servidores de archivos a la nube sin administrar complejos […]

MyWorkDrive 6.1 Prevención de fugas de datos Mapped Drive Client Support lanzado para versión preliminar

Nos complace anunciar la disponibilidad de nuestra nueva vista de archivos de prevención de fuga de datos (DLP) en los clientes de unidades asignadas de MyWorkDrive. Con esta versión preliminar, los usuarios podrán ver y editar archivos en línea directamente desde el cliente de la unidad mapeada, sin dejar de tener restricciones para descargar según lo configurado en […]

Notificación de alerta de actualización

  MyWorkDrive recibió un aviso de Cloudflare de que los agentes de Argo Tunnel anteriores al 5.5.2020 ya no serán compatibles a partir del 20 de marzo. Esto requiere que todos los clientes de MWD ejecuten un mínimo de MWD Server o superior. Se requiere Cloudflare para abrir documentos de MyWorkDrive en Office en línea y también lo utilizan los clientes que ejecutan […]