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Troubleshooting Office 365 Online Editing & Relay

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Enabling Office 365 Online Editing creates a secure encrypted reverse proxy tunnel from your server through our MyWorkDrive Azure network infrastructure using our Cloud Connector to make it available to Microsoft Office 365 for editing and co-editing documents on one of our locked down domains.  Starting with version 5.4 connections are relayed through Cloudflare Argo.  For more details see our Cloudflare article.   This same technology is used to allow customers to connect to their host browser portal for testing and light editing.

To troubleshoot:

  • Ensure that Office 365 Online Edit is enabled by following our support guide.
  • Ensure your MyWorkDrive server is licensed ( this feature requires an active trial or subscription license).
  • Once enabled, after waiting at least 15 minutes, check to ensure the “MyWorkDrive Portbridge Service” or for version 5.4 Argo Tunnel Agent is running in Services.msc, if not start or restart it.
  • If the service has started and editing or viewing office documents online is still not working on multiple browsers, check your outbound firewall settings.
  • Check IIS and ensure port 8357 is still bound to the WebClient site – this is required for MyWorkDrive Office 365 functionality.
  • Check test site on the MWD Server – this site should load and allow user to login to test MWD Web Client.  Note that this site is http and not https.  This site is not public – it is only used for testing and for the server to talk to the MyWorkDrive Portbridge service which in turn creates a secure connection to Azure and MyWorkDrive data centers for Office 365 and functionality.
  • If the service has started and editing or viewing office documents online is still not working try changing the data center to a new location, wait 5 minutes then change it back to your closest data center.
  • Try disabling Office 365 online editing, stop the “MyWorkDrive Portbridge Service” in Services.msc, then re-enable it and check to see of the service then starts.  Note it will not start even though it’s set to automatic unless enabled in MWD Admin panel by enabling Office 365 or Cloud Connector features.

If these steps do not resolve the issue contact support for assistance.