Enhance Windows File shares with MyWorkDrive for secure fileshare access from anywhere.

Secure fileshare

MyWorkDrive converts Windows based SMB/CIFS file shares into a secure fileshare that can be accessed anywhere over https/SSL.    By default Windows file shares are accessed internally on a local area network by mapping drives using Windows file explorer clients.   While this is great for local area network access, however when remote access is needed the additional burden of managing, installing and supporting a VPN to secure File Shares has been the only option for enterprise businesses since accessing files over SMB port 445 is typically blocked on most firewalls and considered insecure.  The SMB protocol is not designed for internet communications slowing down remote access further.

With the MyWorkDrive add-on for Windows File Share servers, SMB based Windows File Shares are converted into a secure fileshare that can be accessed over https.  https is the secure port used to protect data communications and is supported in modern web browsers.  In fact, one of the primary ways companies used MyWorkDrive is to manage and access files using our Web File Manager.  Secure File Shares are easily accessed by users with minimal training and support.  Users can edit, upload, create and share files all within a browser.  This reduces the support burden on internal IT and improves security since files are only accessed one file at a time.  All user access is logged and searchable for compliance and auditing.  To further secure file shares, IT Administrators can enable two factor security and data loss prevention features built into MyWorkDrive.  With the addition of these security options IT can feel confident that internal file shares are secured in any environment.

In addition to browser-based file access, MyWorkDrive offers our desktop mapped drive clients.  Both clients provide a mapped drive type experience to secure file shares over https.   Users can simply access secure file shares using the mapped drive in real time.  Traditional access to internal users is also supported side-by-side with MyWorkDrive clients with support for file locking.   Any changes made to files are saved back directly to the internal file servers eliminating files scattered over insecure local pc’s or mobile devices reducing the need for mobile device management software.

MyWorkDrive is written with the Enterprise Windows Systems Administrator in mind – everything is Windows Based, utilizes IIS Web Server and is written in .net.  Our solution is designed and engineered by San Francisco based engineers with over 25 years of real-world Windows File Server Remote Access, FTP and SSL VPN systems administration experience.