Enhance Windows File shares with MyWorkDrive for online file share access from anywhere.

Online File Share

According to the latest HPE report, Enterprises continue to maintain their own data centers for file shares with 90% expecting to pay a premium for on-premise storage.  Until now, accessing file shares online involved supporting VPN software or migrating files to an online storage provider.   MyWorkDrive changes all that by enabling online file sharing without the expense of migrating data or the security risks of cloud storage.

With MyWorkDrive enterprises can instantly enable online file sharing for their users integrated into their existing windows file shares, permissions and active directory.   MyWorkDrive is the only solution that provides online file sharing enablement with the ability to access file shares internally using traditional mapped drives.   With MyWorkDrive, IT administrators simply install a small Windows virtual machine on-premise into their Active Directory, add MyWorkDrive server software and instantly are able to provide online file share access to their users via a Browser, Mobile Client and Desktop from anywhere.

MyWorkDrive uniquely transforms traditional SMB Windows File Shares into HTTPS accessible shares that can be accessed online.  With SSL TLS 1.2 encryption, Two Factor authentication and extensive logging enterprises can improve online file sharing security and compliance while reducing the costs of supporting traditional VPN software or Sync & Share applications.  In addition to MyWorkDrive client applications, MyWorkDrive is the only software service that allows users to view and edit documents in Microsoft Office Online or Office Mobile apps while saving files back to their local file shares.   Enterprises can choose between accessing and editing documents through Office 365 Online or point to their own internal Office Online Server for total security and control.

MyWorkDrive’s disruptive patented technology enables enterprises to provide instant access to their file shares online without migrating data to new systems, moving to 3rd party online storage or changing the way they work.

Benefits of MyWorkDrive Online File Sharing

  • Immediate productivity with easy to use web browser interface
  • Access and share files from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any web-enabled device
  • Collaborate with business partners using OneDrive for external sharing
  • Access file shares at high speed using traditional file share mapped drives on-premise
  • Online file editing using Office 365 Online
  • Avoid investments and expense of new Online File Share databases or migrations
  • Secure data with native NTFS Active Directory user access permissions, detailed logging, and 256-bit AES encryption

Flexible Access to Files Online or On-Premise

Enterprise need to be productive in the office and on the go. Native applications for mobile including, iPhone, iPad and Android enable online access to Windows File Shares while on the road.  Users can also quickly access file shares from anywhere using our Web Browser Client with the ability to upload, download, drag and drop and edit online with nothing to install or support.   With all access methods, Windows Active Directory folder-based NTFS permissions are natively enforced with the additional security of two factor authentication when file shares are accessed online.