5 Reasons Why You Need MyWorkDrive For Your Hybrid Cloud

  • Access your Work Files without storing data in a public cloud
  • Direct Office File Edit & Collaboration in Office Online
  • Publicly share files using OneDrive integration without compromising security
  • Restrict Downloads to ensure compliance while still allowing viewing and editing of documents online
  • All Data Remains on your Server

Our Hybrid Cloud Solution

  • Install MyWorkDrive Server Software on a Windows Web Server
  • Point to Existing Shares, Users & Groups
  • Access Your Files – Use our Web File Manager, Mapped Drive application or your phone to access your files

Customer Qualification Criteria

  • Customer size is 50+ employees. Industries applicable: Financial, Healthcare, Government, Public Sector, Utilities & Education
  • Customer usually has an Microsoft EA agreement
  • Customer wants Hybrid Cloud Implementation with an ability to access and interact with files stored on their on-premise server

Increase user productivity & security

  • Drive Office 365 Adoption
  • Reduce Support & Training Requirements
  • Eliminate VPN Security Issues
  • Add Two Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign On