The Benefits of Secure Mobile File Sharing for Business

In the business world, it can be a balancing act when it comes to keeping costs down and investing in equipment to keep your company growing. Some businesses don’t even have enough cash flow when starting up to afford both staff and sufficient office space. The best option for keeping costs down while allowing for the expansion of the company is a secure mobile file sharing system such as MyWorkDrive. Mobile file access with a quality document management system allows business owners and employees to have access to files from their mobile device from remote locations. Here we discuss the benefits of mobile file sharing for business in depth.

1) Share Larger Files

There can be limits on how large files can be sent via email and instant messaging services. Some businesses must send documents that are longer than a couple of pages or images. Healthcare practices, law firms and retail businesses are a few examples of organizations who use paperwork, sound files or videos, which generally result in larger files. A quality file sharing service and document management system allows you to upload and exchange larger files without limitations on size.

2) Quicker Access Online

When you have mobile access to your company’s files, it is much faster to retrieve an important document or file. The system can be set up so that all business related files, data and information are entered into the system with each department networked together. This is also much faster than sifting through antiquated file cabinets or disorganized piles of paper on a colleague’s desk.

3) Less Space is Needed

With the old system of using file folder and cabinets, a lot of extra space was taken up in offices. This can also create clutter and a feeling of suffocation, which reduces productivity. When a business implements mobile file access software, all data, important documents and information are stored online. This significantly cuts down on the storage space needed in the office and it instantly becomes more organized, resulting in an overall more pleasant environment to work in.

4) Increased Work Flexibility

File sharing allows companies to offer incentives to their employees like working from home a few days a week. The boss can rest assured knowing that their workers will have access to everything they need. This also goes for those who travel for the job. The more incentives that a business can offer, the more chances they have of attracting talented individuals to the company.

5) Cut Costs

The most appealing reason that a business would use mobile file sharing is because of the amount of money they save. Since everything can be stored and sent electronically, there is no longer a huge budget for paper, ink and printers. They may be able to rent less office space if they can do away with bulky file cabinets that take up lots of space. The faster an employee is able to get to a document they need, the more time that is saved, which reduces downtime. In business, time is money. By having employees that can work remotely, it will also cut down on travel expenses for the company.

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