Online Cloud File Access with the Speed and Security of Traditional File Servers

cloud file server

Windows File Servers continue to be the primary shared storage resource for enterprises and small businesses. Since Windows File Servers tie directly into Active Directory NTFS permissions they are extremely easy to manage and integrate into Windows domain joined PC’s. Windows Group policies and scripting tools are available to automate the user experience for touch-less automated deployment of file shares to end-users. Since file servers are local, users enjoy simple, fast access at gigabit speeds.

The problem with on-premise Windows File Servers become apparent when secure remote access, external sharing, search and online collaboration are needed. In today’s environment, Security is of even a greater concern since enabling Server Message Block (SMB) share access even over a VPN can lead to malware encrypting files and security vulnerabilities inherent in the Windows File Sharing protocol making traditional remote access high risk.

MyWorkDrive solves these issues with our cloud add-on server module for Windows File Servers. With MyWorkDrive a traditional File Server is immediately converted into a robust Cloud File Server giving Enterprises the best of both local based secure and fast access and the Cloud Services users have come to expect without compromising security. Enterprises can deploy our private cloud file server software to enable secure online cloud file access without moving data outside of their control including:

  • Browser Based File Web Access from Anywhere
  • Online Collaboration in Office 365
  • Mapped Drive over SSL
  • Mobile Client Access (iOS & Android)
  • Internal File Sharing Links
  • External Public File Sharing using OneDrive
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

How it works:

The System Administrator simply installs MyWorkDrive on a standard Windows Server joined to a Windows Active Directory Domain. MyWorkDrive connects to the existing Active Directory database out of the box. The Systems Administrator then logs in as a domain administrator and cloud enables existing files shares within MyWorkDrive. Existing NTFS Permissions, Users and Groups are inherited – reducing administration and duplicate effort. Once the file server shares are published, the website is then made accessible to users turning a traditional windows file server into a robust Cloud File Server accessible from anywhere. All files remain on the Windows File Server – nothing is stored on MyWorkDrive Servers, even when editing documents online in Office 365.

Business Benefits of MyWorkDrive Cloud File Server:

  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing investments in infrastructure and Office 365
  • Eliminate overhead and support issues of VPN, FTP servers, and tape backup
  • Access files remotely using web browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other device
  • ADFS Single-Sign-On Integration
  • Collaborate with business partners by leveraging OneDrive Licensing for Public File Sharing
  • Leverage Existing File Permissions, Users & Group
  • Monitor file usage with real-time access logging
  • Ensure data security by retaining control of data access, storage & retention
  • On-Premise Speed and Availability or run your server in AWS or Azure for the ultimate cloud storage solution

MyWorkDrive is written with the Windows Systems Administrator in mind – everything is Windows Based, utilizes IIS Web Server and is written in .net.

Other Cloud File Server software services require complex SQL Databases (and therefore costly SQL licensing and management), Multiple Servers and charge extra for access to Active Directory.  MyWorkDrive works with Active Directory by default instead of being an after thought requiring complex LDAP setups and costly licensing.   Other services while sometimes being able to connect to Windows File Shares were not designed like MyWorkDrive to leverage and integrate with Windows Shares as its primary storage mechanism without requiring syncing of data to the cloud or to a database.   MyWorkDrive allows existing NTFS permissions, folders and shares to stay in place while still enabling cloud services.  All Windows Services including file locking, robust file server access speeds, data retention and existing backup strategies remain in place.

MyWorkDrive was designed and engineered by San Francisco based engineers with over 25 years of real-world Windows File Server systems administration experience.