Online Cloud File Access with the Speed and Security of Traditional File Servers

cloud file server

Windows File Servers continue to be the primary shared storage resource for enterprises and small businesses. Since Windows File Servers tie directly into Active Directory NTFS permissions they are extremely easy to manage and integrate into Windows domain joined PC’s. Windows Group policies and scripting tools are available to automate the user experience for touch-less automated deployment of file shares to end-users. Since file servers are local, users enjoy simple, fast access at gigabit speeds.

The problem with on-premise Windows File Servers become apparent when secure remote access, external sharing, search and online collaboration are needed. In today’s environment, Security is of even a greater concern since enabling Server Message Block (SMB) share access even over a VPN can lead to malware encrypting files and security vulnerabilities inherent in the Windows File Sharing protocol making traditional remote access high risk.  Read More..