MyWorkDrive & Morro Data – NAS In-Cloud and On-Prem

MyWorkDrive and Morro Data announce that they will collaborate to provide businesses with the most complete Cloud NAS solutions for the hybrid workplace. Users anywhere can now securely access the complete file system at up to Gigabit speed.

With MyWorkDrive & Morro Data, it’s easy to Migrate File Servers to the Cloud without managing complex file share migrations, retraining users, or giving up local access.

With a typical “cloud only” type file service, file shares must be converted and locked-in to the cloud storage vendor requiring a complex migration, retraining of users, sync client deployment, and hefty monthly per user fees. These services also do not allow for fast local access when needed to support power users or designers who need local network speeds to work efficiently.

With MyWorkDrive and Morro Data, these problems are solved. Simply sync file shares to the Morro Data Cloud and connect to them using a MyWorkDrive Server for easy remote access without VPN. Power users and designers anywhere who need to access larger files or collaborate on design files with file locking can connect to a local CloudNAS CacheDrive appliance.

The Best of Both Worlds

When used together, MyWorkDrive and Morro Data provide 100% remote accessibility of files from any Web Browser, Mobile, Mapped Drive or local NAS with Gigabit performance.


MyWorkDrive & Morro Data combined Cloud File Server Benefits:

  • Keep the same mapped drives with no training needed
  • Simple, automated Migration
  • No Servers to maintain on-premises
  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Reduce cost compared to cloud only services
  • Maintain Data Privacy, Control of files and storage location
  • Access files at Gigabit Speed with CacheDrive gateways


MyWorkDrive & Morro Data – For a complete solution to all your File Share Remote Access needs!

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt

Cloud Storage Gateway

Cloud Storage Gateway

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